Association of Teachers and Researchers in Asia
***For the list of non-profit academic conferences held in Japan https://atera.org/archives/conferences-in-japan

Association of Teachers and Researchers in Asia (ATERA) is a non-profit academic organization based in Osaka, Japan that provides scientific resources to scholars all around the world. ATERA aims to promote better research in applied academics, foster a dialogue and facilitate networking opportunities for international knowledge acquisition and educate learners from all ages.

What ATERA does can be briefly summarised as

-Assisting scholars by providing free proof-reading, translation, and database services

-Setting up extensive databases to educate scholars on the structure of academic research methods

-Publishing peer-reviewed journals that fill important gaps in the disciplines that play a crucial role in resolving the problems of the 21st century

-Organizing peer-reviewed academic conferences that bring together the world’s leading scholars and opinion leaders

-Arranging seminars, workshops and courses in order to inform the publics on the deeper understanding of  emerging scientific issues and research methodologies

-Setting up extensive databases to educate professors on the effective teaching methods

Current Director: Miho Hirata


Association of Teachers and Researchers in Asia

Osaka, Nishi-ku, Kitahorie 2-chome, 2-24 7F
大阪市 西区北堀江2丁目 2−24−7F

Contact Person: Miho Hirata
担当者 :平田 美帆

Phone: +81 . 06-7878-8761
電話: +81 . 06-7878-8761

email: info@atera.org

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