Social Identity Survey

I see myself as a member of this group
My group is a good reflection of who I am
I prefer to see people from other outgroup(s) as being different from ingroup
The group success is my success

Sense of belonging
I feel involved in what is happening in my group
When someone criticises this group, it feels like a personal insult to me
What matches the relationship with your group as a whole? (1=very distant, 6=very close)

Positive attitudes
I am happy I am an in-group member
I think my group has little to be proud of
There are many people in this group that I like as individuals
Generally, I feel good when I think about myself as a(n) in-group member

Source: Feitosa, J., Salas, E., & Salazar, M. R. (2012). Social Identity: Clarifying its Dimensions across Cultures. Psihologijske teme, 21(3), 527-548.

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