State Anxiety Survey SAI STAI STAI-AD (Spielberger, 1994)

Read each statement and then encircle the appropriate choice to the right of the statement to indicate how you feel right now, that is, at this moment.

1 – Not at all 2 – Somewhat 3 – Moderately so 4 – Very much so

1 I feel calm
2 I feel secure
3 I am tense .
4 I feel strained
5 I feel at ease
6 I feel upset
7 I am presently worrying over possible misfortunes
8 I feel satisfied
9 I feel frightened
10 I feel comfortable
11 I feel self confident
12 I feel nervous
13 I am jittery
14 I feel indecisive
15 I am relaxed
16 I feel content
17 I am worried
18 I feel confused
19 I feel steady
20 I feel pleasant
21 I feel nervous and restless
22 I feel satisfied with my self
23 I wish I could be as happy as others seem to be
24 I feel like a failure
25 I feel restless
26 I am calm cool and collected
27 I feel that difficulties are pilling up so that I cannot overcome them
28 I worry too much with something that really doesn’t matter
29 I am happy.
30 I have disturbing thoughts
31 I lack self confidence
32 I feel secure
33 I make decisions easily
34 I feel inadequate
35 I am content
36 Some unimportant thought runs through my mind and bothers me
37 I take disappointment keenly that I can’t put them out of my mind
38 I am a steady person
39 I get in a state of tension or turmoil as I think over my recent concerns and interests

Source: Spielberger, C.D., Sydeman, S.J. (1994). State-Trait Anxiety Inventory and State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory. In M.E. Maruish (Ed.), The use of psychological testing for treatment planning and outcome assessment. (pp. 292-321). Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.


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