Procrastination Survey (Lay, 1986)

Please indicate your agreement with the following statements:
1.I often find myself performing tasks that I had intended to do days before.
2.I do not do assignments until just before they are to be handed in.
3.When I am finished with a library book, I return it right away regardless of the
date it is due.*
4. When it is time to get up in the morning, I most often get right out of bed.*
5. A letter may sit for days after I write it before mailing it.
6. I generally return phone calls promptly.*
7. Even with jobs that require little else except sitting down and doing them, I find
they seldom get done for days.
8. I usually make decisions as soon as possible.*
9. I generally delay before starting on work I have to do.
10.I usually have to rush to complete a task on time.
11. When preparing to go out, I am seldom caught having to do something at the last
12. In preparing for some deadline, I often waste time by doing other things.
13.I prefer to leave early for an appointment.*
14.I usually start an assignment shortly after it is assigned.*
15. I often have a task finished sooner than necessary.*
16. I always seem to end up shopping for birthday or Christmas gifts at the last
17. I usually buy even an essential item at the last minute.
18. I usually accomplish all the things I plan to do in a day.*
19. I am continually saying AI=ll do it tomorrow.
20. I usually take care of all the tasks I have to do before I settle down and relax for
the evening. *

Items with * are reverse coded.

Source: Lay, C. H. (1986). At last, my research article on procrastination. Journal of research in personality, 20(4), 474-495.


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