Health Locus of Control Scale (Walston, 1978)

Please indicate your agreement with the following statements:

(Form A)

1 If I get sick, it is my own behavior which determines how soon I get well again.
2 No matter what I do, if I am going to get sick, I will get sick.
3 Having regular contact with my physician is the best way for me to avoid illness.
4 Most things that affect my health happen to me by accident.
5 Whenever I don’t feel well, I should consult a medically trained professional.
6 I am in control of my health.
7 My family has a lot to do with my becoming sick or staying healthy.
8 When I get sick, I am to blame.
9 Luck plays a big part in determining how soon I will recover from an illness.
10 Health professionals control my health.
11 My good health is largely a matter of good fortune.
12 The main thing which affects my health is what I myself do.
13 If I take care of myself, I can avoid illness.
14 Whenever I recover from an illness, it’s usually because other people (for example, doctors, nurses, family, friends) have been taking good care of me.
15 No matter what I do, I ‘m likely to get sick.
16 If it’s meant to be, I will stay healthy.
17 If I take the right actions, I can stay healthy.
18 Regarding my health, I can only do what my doctor tells me to do.

(Form B)
1 If I become sick, I have the power to make myself well again.
2 Often I feel that no matter what I do, if I am going to get sick, I will get sick.
3 If I see an excellent doctor regularly, I am less likely to have health problems.
4 It seems that my health is greatly influenced by accidental happenings.
5 I can only maintain my health by consulting health professionals.
6 I am directly responsible for my health.
7 Other people play a big part in whether I stay healthy or become sick.
8 Whatever goes wrong with my health is my own fault.
9 When I am sick, I just have to let nature run its course.
10 Health professionals keep me healthy.
11 When I stay healthy, I’m just plain lucky.
12 My physical well-being depends on how well I take care of myself.
13 When I feel ill, I know it is because I have not been taking care of myself properly.
14 The type of care I receive from other people is what is responsible for how well I recover from an illness.
15 Even when I take care of myself, it’s easy to get sick.
16 When I become ill, it’s a matter of fate.
17 I can pretty much stay healthy by taking good care of myself.
18 Following doctor’s orders to the letter is the best way for me to stay healthy.

Source: Wallston, K. A., Wallston, B. S., & DeVellis, R. (1978). Development of the multidimensional health locus of control (MHLC) scales. Health Education & Behavior, 6(1), 160-170.

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