Frugality Survey (Lastovicka, 1999)

Please indicate your agreement with the following statements:

1. If you take good care of your possessions, you will definitely save money in the long run.
2. There are many things that are normally thrown away that are still quite useful.
3. Making better use of my resources makes me feel good.
4. If you can reuse an item you already have, there’s no sense in buying something new.
5. I believe in being careful in how I spend money.
6. I discipline myself to get the most out of my money.
7. I am willing to wait on a purchase I want so that I can save money.
8. There are things I resist buying today so I can save for tomorrow

Source:  Lastovicka, J. L., Bettencourt, L. A., Hughner, R. S., & Kuntze, R. J. (1999). Lifestyle of the tight and frugal: Theory and measurement. Journal of Consumer Research, 26(1), 85-98.


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