State Self Esteem / Current Thoughts Survey (Heatherton, 1991)

Using the following scale, place a number in the box to the right of the statement that indicates what is true for you at this moment:
1 = not at all 2 = a little bit 3 = somewhat 4 = very much 5 = extremely
1. I feel confident about my abilities. P
2.*I am worried about whether I am regarded as a success or failure.S
3. I feel satisfied with the way my body looks right now. A
4.* I feel frustrated or rattled about my performance. P
5.* I feel that I am having trouble understanding things that I read. P
6. I feel that others respect and admire me. A
7.* I am dissatisfied with my weight. A
8.* I feel self-conscious. S
9. I feel as smart as others. P
10.* I feel displeased with myself. S
11. I feel good about myself. A
12. I am pleased with my appearance right now. A
13.* I am worried about what other people think of me. S
14. I feel confident that I understand things. P
15.* I feel inferior to others at this moment. S
16.* I feel unattractive. A
17.* I feel concerned about the impression I am making. S
18.* I feel that I have less scholastic ability right now than others. P
19.* I feel like I’m not doing well. P
20.* I am worried about looking foolish. S

Items with * are reverse coded
P: performance self esteem
S: social self esteem

Source: Heatherton, T. F., & Polivy, J. (1991). Development and validation of a scale for measuring state self-esteem. Journal of Personality and Social psychology,60(6), 895.


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