Need for Uniqueness Scale (Tian, 2001)

I collect unusual products as a way of telling people I’m different.
I have sometimes purchased unusual products or brands as a way to create a more distinctive personal image.
I often look for one-of-a-kind products or brands so that I create a style that is all my own.
Often when buying merchandise, an important goal is to find something that communicates my uniqueness .
I often combine possessions in such a way that I create a personal image for myself that can’t be duplicated.
I often try to find a more interesting version of run-of-the-mill products because I enjoy being original.
I actively seek to develop my personal uniqueness by buying special products or brands Having an eye for products that are interesting and unusual assists me in establishing a distinctive image .
The products and brands that I like best are the ones that express my individuality.
I often think of the things I buy and do in terms of how I can use them to shape a more unusual personal image.
I’m often on the lookout for new products or brands that will add to my personal uniqueness.
When dressing, I have sometimes dared to be different in ways that others are likely to disapprove.
As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to the products I buy and the situations in which I use them, customs and rules are made to be broken.
I often dress unconventionally even when it’s likely to offend others
I rarely act in agreement with what others think are the right things to buy.
Concern for being out of place doesn’t prevent me from wearing what I want to wear.
When it comes to the products I buy and the situations in which I use them, I have often broken customs and rules.
I have often violated the understood rules of my social group regarding what to buy or own.
I have often gone against the understood rules of my social group regarding when and how certain products are properly used.
I enjoy challenging the prevailing taste of people I know by buying something they wouldn’t seem to accept.
If someone hinted that I had been dressing inappropriately for a social situation, I would continue dressing in the same manner .
When I dress differently, I’m often aware that others think I’m peculiar, but I don’t care.
When products or brands I like become extremely popular, I lose interest in them.
I avoid products or brands that have already been accepted and purchased by the average consumer.
When a product I own becomes popular among the general population, I begin using it less.
I often try to avoid products or brands that I know are bought by the general population.
As a rule, I dislike products or brands that are customarily purchased by everyone.
I give up wearing fashions I’ve purchased once they become popular among the general public.
The more commonplace a product or brand is among the general population, the less interested I am in buying it.
Products don’t seem to hold much value for me when they are purchased regularly by everyone.
When a style of clothing I own becomes too commonplace, I usually quit wearing it.

Source: Tian, K. T., Bearden, W. O., & Hunter, G. L. (2001). Consumers’ need for uniqueness: Scale development and validation. Journal of consumer research,28(1), 50-66.

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