Brand Trust, Personality and Associations Scales

This list was put together by Loureiro et al. by refining several brand equity measures. You can see the references to the original sources in the parentheses that are provided by the same author.

Brand associations (Azoulary and Kapferer (2003),
Chang and Chieng (2006) )
I think x service method is modern
x has a professional and well-trained staff
x uses a modern design in their facilities
Materials associated to x are visually appealing

Brand awareness (Loureiro and Miranda (2011))
Some characteristics of x come quickly to my mind
I can recognize x among other competitors
I can quickly recall the symbol or logo of x

Brand loyalty (Yoo and Donthu (2001))
x is my first choice
I consider myself to be loyal to x
Next time I will choose x

Trust (Delgado-Ballester and MunueraAlemán, 2005))
My overall trust in the products (good/service) of x is high
x seems to be very helpful with regard to the interests of consumers
I consider the company and people who stand behind x to be very trustworthy
I believe that x does not take advantage of consumers
I have more confidence on the service of x

Perceived quality—physical Q (Nam, Ekinci, and Whyatt (2011))
The quality of the facilities of x is extremely high
From x I can expect superior performance
The quality of the products (good/service) of x is extremely high

Perceived quality—staff (Nam et al. (2011))
Employees of x listen to me
Employees of x are helpful
Employees of x are friendly

Brand identification (Nam et al. (2011))
When someone criticizes x, it feels like a personal insult
If a story in the media criticizes x, I would feel embarrassed
X reflects my personal lifestyle

Brand equity (Yoo and Donthu (2001), Lassar(1995))
I am proud of use (good/service) x
Even if another brand has the same features as x, I would prefer x
If there is another brand as good as x, I prefer x
If there was a brand like x it would be smart not to change

Brand personality—safe (Aaker (1997), Geuens et al. (2009) and Lin (2010))
I consider x honest
I feel safe when I bought any product (good/service) of x
I see x as reliable for me
I feel secure when I consume something from x

Brand personality—active (Aaker (1997), Geuens et al. (2009) and Lin (2010))
X is dynamic
The marketing campaign of x is dynamic
X is active

Brand personality—emotional connection (Aaker (1997), Geuens et al. (2009) and Lin (2010))
X is tough to overcome
X makes me feel sentimental
For using x I feel that everybody accepts me

Brand personality—simplicity (Aaker (1997), Geuens et al. (2009) and Lin (2010))
x is always simple
I think x is charming
x is ordinary in values it transmits

Source: Loureiro, S. M. C., Lopes, R., & Kaufmann, H. R. (2014). How brand personality, brand identification and service quality influence service brand equity. Cogent Business & Management, 1(1), 981329.


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