Brand Equity Scale (Yoo, 2001)

Brand loyalty
I consider myself to be loyal to X
X would be my first choice
I will not buy other brands if X is available at the store

Perceived quality
The likely quality of X is extremely high
The likelihood that X would be functional is very high

Brand awareness/associations
I can recognize X among other competing brands
I am aware of X
Some characteristics of X come to my mind quickly
I can quickly recall the symbol or logo of X
I have difficulty in imagining X in my mind

Overall Brand Equity (OBE)
It makes sense to buy X instead of any other brand, even if they are the same.
Even if another brand has the same features as X, I would prefer to buy X.
If there is another brand as good as X, I prefer to buy X
If another brand is not different from X in any way, it seems smarter to purchase X

Source: Yoo, B., & Donthu, N. (2001). Developing and validating a multidimensional consumer-based brand equity scale. Journal of business research, 52(1), 1-14.


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