Materialism Scale (Richins, 1992)

Please indicate your agreement with the following statements

(Defining Success)
I admire people who own expensive homes, cars, and clothes
Some of the most important achievements include acquiring material possessions
I don’t place much emphasis on the amount of material objects people own as a sign of success
The things I own say a lot about how well I’m doing in life
I like to own things that impress people
I don’t pay much attention to the material objects other people own

(Acquisition Centrality)
I usually buy only the things I need
I try to keep my life simple, as far as possessions are concerned
The things I own aren’t all that important to me
I enjoy spending money on things that aren’t practical
Buying things gives me a lot of pleasure
I like a lot of luxury in my life
I put less emphasis on material things than most people I know

(Pursuit of Happiness)
I have all the things I really need to enjoy life
My life would be better if I owned certain things I don’t have
I wouldn’t be any happier if I owned nicer things
I’d be happier if I could afford to buy more things
It sometimes bothers me quite a bit that I can’t afford to buy all the things I’d like


Source: Richins, M. L., & Dawson, S. (1992). A consumer values orientation for materialism and its measurement: Scale development and validation. Journal of consumer research, 19(3), 303.


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