VASQ Vulnerable Attachment Style Questionnaire (Bifulco, 2013)

  1. I take my time getting to know people.
  2. I rely on others to help me make decisions in life
  3. People let me down a lot
  4. I miss the company of others when I’m alone
  5. It’s best not to get too emotionally close to other people
  6. I worry a lot if people I live with arrive back later than expected
  7. I usually rely on advice from others when I’ve got a problem
  8. I feel uncomfortable when people get too close to me
  9. People close to me often get on my nerves
  10. I feel people are against me
  11. I worry about thinks happening to close family and friends
  12. I often get into arguments
  13. I’m clingy with others
  14. I look forward to spending time on my own
  15. I like making decisions on my own
  16. I get anxious when people close to me are away
  17. I feel uneasy when others confide in me
  18. I find it hard to trust others
  19. 19 Having people around me can be a nuisance
  20. I feel people haven’t done enough for me
  21. It’s important to have people around me a lot of the time
  22. I find it difficult to confide in people

Source: Bifulco, A., Mahon, J., Kwon, J. H., Moran, P. M., & Jacobs, C. (2003). The Vulnerable Attachment Style Questionnaire (VASQ): an interview-based measure of attachment styles that predict depressive disorder. Psychological Medicine, 33(06), 1099-1110.


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