SERVPERF Service Performance Scale (Cronin, 1994)

Service Performance scale requires respondents to evaluate the same items based on their importance and performance, separately.
1 Up-to-date equipment
2 Should do as promised
3 Should tell when services will be performed
4 Employees who are trustworthy
5 Individual attention to customers
6 Appealing physical facilities
7 Interest in solving customer problems
8 Prompt service to customers
9 Customers feel safe in transactions
10 Convenient operating hours
11 Neat appearing employees
12 Perform service right the first time
13 Always willing to help customer
14 Consistently courteous with customers
15 Employees give personal assistance
16 Visually appealing service materials
17 Provide service at times promised
18 Never too busy to respond to request
19 Knowledgeable
20 Have customer best interest at heart
21 Insist on error free records
22 Understand customer specific needs

Source: Cronin, J. J., & Taylor, S. A. (1994). SERVPERF Versus SERVQUAL-Reconciling Performance-Based and Perceptions-Minus-Expectations Measurment of Service Quality. Journal of Marketing, 58(1), 125-131.


The items above are adopted from: Burch, E., Rogers, H. P., & Underwood, J. (1995). Exploring SERVPERF: an empirical investigation of the importance-performance, service quality relationship in the uniform rental industry. saber. uca. edu/docs/proceedings11/95ama, 121.

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