Social Capital Measures (Krishna, 1999)

How many voluntary organizations are you a member of:

-name:…………………. number of contact: week/month/year
-name:…………………. number of contact: week/month/year
-name:…………………. number of contact: week/month/year
-name:…………………. number of contact: week/month/year

Do you think that in this neighbourhood/village people generally
trust each other in matters of lending and borrowing ?

Suppose your neighbor suffered an economic loss, say (RURAL: “crop failure”; URBAN “job loss”). In that situation, who do you think would assist him/her financially? (networks)
1 No one would help
2 Family
3 Neighbors
4 Friends
5 Religious leader or group
6 Community leader
7 Business leader
8 Police
9 Social authorities
10 Patron/employer/benefactor
11 Political leader
12 Mutual support group to which s/he belongs
13 Assistance group to which s/he belongs
14 Other
15 Don’t know/not sure
16 No answer

People here look out mainly for the welfare of their own families and they are not much concerned with village/neighborhood welfare. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Please tell me whether in general you agree or disagree with the following statements:
a Most people in this village/neighborhood are
basically honest and can be trusted
b People are always interested only in their own welfare
c Members in this village/neighborhood are always
more trustworthy than others
d In this village/neighborhood one has to be alert or
someone is likely to take advantage of you
e If I have a problem there is always someone to help you
f I do not pay attention to the opinions of others in the
g Most people in this village/neighborhood are willing to
help if you need it
h This village/neighborhood has prospered in the last five years
i I feel accepted as a member of this village/neighborhood
j If you drop your purse or wallet in the neighborhood,
someone will see it and return it to you

In the last three years have you personally done any of the following things? (Civic Action)
a Voted in the election
b Actively participated in an association
c Made a personal contact with an influential person
d Made newspapers, radio and TV interested in a problem
e Actively participated in an information campaign
f Actively participated in an election campaign
g Taken part in a protest march or demonstration
h Contacted your elected representative
i Taken part in a sit-in or disruption of government meetings/offices
j Talked with other people in your area about a problem
k Notified the court or police about a problem
l Made a donation of money or in-kind
m Volunteered for a charitable organization

Source: Krishna, A., & Shrader, E. (1999, June). Social capital assessment tool. In conference on social capital and poverty reduction, World Bank, Washington, DC (Vol. 22, p. 24).


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