Sensation Seeking Scale (Hoyle et al., 2002)

(Experience seeking)
1. I would like to explore strange places.
2. I would like to take off on a trip with no pre-planned routes or timetables.
(Boredom susceptibility)
3. I get restless when I spend too much time at home.
4. I prefer friends who are excitingly unpredictable.
(Thrill and adventure seeking)
5. I like to do frightening things.
6. I would like to try bungee jumping.
7. I like wild parties.
8. I would love to have new and exciting experiences, even if they are illegal.

Source: Hoyle, R. H., Stephenson, M. T., Palmgreen, P., Lorch, E. P., & Donohew, R. L. (2002). Reliability and validity of a brief measure of sensation seeking.Personality and individual differences, 32(3), 401-414.

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