Behavioural Intention, TPB, TORA Scale (Ajzen, 2002)

The standard scale does not exist, the items can be adjusted by researchers. Some sample items are provided by Icek Ajzen as


Doing…… would be

bad :___1__:___2__:___3__:___4__:___5__:___6__:___7___: good

pleasant :___1__:___2__:___3__:___4__:___5__:___6__:___7___: unpleasant

Perceived norm:

Most people who are important to me approve of  doing …

agree :___1__:___2__:___3__:___4__:___5__:___6__:___7___: disagree

Most people like me would do …

unlikely :___1__:___2__:___3__:___4__:___5__:___6__:___7___: likely

Perceived behavioral control

I am confident that I can …

true :___1__:___2__:___3__:___4__:___5__:___6__:___7___: false

Doing … is up to me disagree:___1__:___2__:___3__:___4__:___5__:___6__:___7___: agree


I intend to  ….

likely :___1__:___2__:___3__:___4__:___5__:___6__:___7___: unlikely

I plan to  ….

likely :___1__:___2__:___3__:___4__:___5__:___6__:___7___: unlikely

Past behavior

In the past three months, I have …

false :___1__:___2__:___3__:___4__:___5__:___6__:___7___: true

Source: Ajzen, I. (2002). Constructing a TpB Questionnaire: Conceptual and Methodological Considerations.


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