Self Construal Scale (Singelis, 1994)

Independent Self-Construal Items

1. I’d rather say “No” directly, than risk being misunderstood.

2. Speaking up during a class is not a problem for me.

3. Having a lively imagination is important to me.

4. I am comfortable with being singled out for praise or rewards.

5. I am the same person at home that I am at school.

6. Being able to take care of myself is a primary concern for me.

7. I act the same way no matter who I am with.

8. I feel comfortable using someone’s first name soon after I meet them, even when they are much older than I am.

9. I prefer to be direct and forthright when dealing with people I’ve just met.

10. I enjoy being unique and different from others in many respects.

11. My personal identity independent of others is very important to me.

12. I value being in good health above everything.

Interdependent Self-Construal Items

1. I have respect for the authority figures with whom I interact.

2. It is important for me to maintain harmony within my group.

3. My happiness depends on the happiness of those around me.

4. I would offer my seat in a bus to my professor.

5. I respect people who are modest about themselves.

6. I will sacrifice my self-interest for the benefit of the group I am in.

7. I often have the feeling that my relationships with others are more important than my own accomplishments.

8. I should take into consideration my parents’ advice when making education / career plans.

9. It is important to me to respect decisions made by the group.

10. I will stay in a group if they need me, even when I’m not happy with the group.

11. If my brother or sister fails, I feel responsible.

12. Even when I strongly disagree with group members, I avoid an argument.

Source: Singelis, T. M. (1994). The measurement of independent and interdependent self-construals. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 20(5), 580-591.


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