Need for Emotions (Raman et al., 1995)

I try to anticipate and avoid situations where there is a likely chance of me getting emotionally involved.
Experiencing strong emotions is not something I enjoy very much.
I would rather be in a situation in which I experience little emotion than one in which is sure to get me emotionally involved.
I don’t look forward to being in situations that others have found
to be emotional.
I look forward to situations that I know are less emotionally
I like to be unemotional in emotional situations.
I find little satisfaction in experiencing strong emotions.
I prefer to keep my feelings under check.
I feel relief rather than fulfilled after experiencing a situation that
was very emotional.
I prefer to ignore the emotional aspects of situations rather than
getting involved in them.
More often than not, making decisions based on emotions just
leads to more errors.
I don’t like to have the responsibility of handling a situation that is
emotional in nature.

Source: Raman, N. V., Chattopadhyay, P., & Hoyer, W. D. (1995). Do consumers seek emotional situations: The need for emotion scale. Advances in Consumer Research, 22, 537-537.


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