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Accounting Barriers and Problems Influencing the Diffusion of Nanotechnology Implementation in Developing Countries: The Case of Jordanian Companies

Dr. Abedalqader Rababah

This paper purposes to explore Jordanian companies’ accounting reasons for avoiding a transition toward more advanced industrial techniques; namely, to nanotechnology. This advanced technology could have many benefits to the firms, as it can decrease the cost of products, enhance products’ quality, and produce products quickly. Both quantitative and qualitative data were gathered for this study. For the quantitative data, a questionnaire survey was developed in order to collect information about the respondents and to determine the accounting barriers and problems present in the implementation of nanotechnology. For the qualitative data, semi-structured interviews were utilized and conducted to determine the accounting barriers and problems impacting the implementation of nanotechnology to confirm the quantitative results and to add additional information. The questionnaire data analysis was descriptive in nature, while the qualitative analysis was included both within analysis and cross-analysis. Findings from both the questionnaire and the semi-structured interviews revealed that accounting factors such as lack of capital, lack of adequate funding, cost structure distortion, and poor insurance all minimize the diffusion of nanotechnology in Jordanian Companies. The findings from the interviews also revealed that the accounting barriers to nanotechnology implementation are associated with low economic growth in Jordan and the Jordanian universities’ budget deficit. This study contributes to the further acquisition of knowledge regarding the diffusion of nanotechnology, providing a basis for further research in Jordan and other developing countries.

This study was awarded for its unique contribution to the advanced technology applications in the Middle East and potential regulatory problems that are often overlooked.

Social and Economic needs of Single-person Households in different age groups

Pil Kyoo Jo

Department of Economics. Hanbat National University, Daejeon, Korea

This study was conducted to investigate social and economic needs of single-person households in south Korea. Structured questionnaires in socio-economic status were used for 406 single-person household heads in 20s to 50s. Single-person household heads, in all age groups, answered that economic ability including occupation is the most necessary condition for living alone. However, the difficulties, anxieties, and requirements of living as a single-person households showed very diverse patterns by age group. For example, housing problem was particularly difficult in their 20s, and 50s were most worried about lack of preparation for old age. Therefore, the polices and social program for living alone must be customized to meet the diverse needs of single-person households at different life stages.

This study was awarded for its attempt to solve a growing problem in the East Asian region.

Outstanding Paper Series

Chord Changing Time Recognition from Ukulele Songs

This work aims to develop a method for ukulele chord changing time recognition that will be applied to create a smooth and realistic animation in the development of an automatic 3D animation builder for ukulele self-learning. The model construction uses 22 ukulele songs with various chords and song tempo as training data, which are measured a difference of sound intensity point between 2 connected chords. The result of model construction showed that chord changing time is not depended on song tempo and the type of connected chords. Therefore, the optional solution is estimated by using the average song tempo and the average chord changing time. The recognized chord changing time is 0.28 seconds or equal 18 frames of 3D animation based on 60 frames per second.


Thawatphong Phithak, Jitimon Angskun, Thara Angskun

This paper was given the award because of its creative use of the AI in the area of education.

Outstanding Paper Series

Effect of different food recipe webpage designs on user’s performance and preference

This study investigated the effects of different webpage designs on the performance and preferences of web users. Text and photo related to food recipe were presented on the three different webpage designs (webpage had text more than photo, webpage had approximate same amount of text and photo, and webpage had text less than photo). There were 83 younger participants (18 – 21 years), 42 males and 41 females. Each participant undertook three tasks, one with each webpage design. The order of webpage design was counterbalanced to avoid the effect of practice and fatigue. The results showed the webpage designs had significant effects on both the performance and the preference measures.


Pimsupa Saengsupawat Sorachai Kamollimsakul* Thawatphong Phithak

This paper was awarded because of questioning a widely established theory with a robust research design and challenging the established view in the discipline.


Outstanding Papers Series

Business model ZEN:  The new business modeling methodology with a balanced view of customer  focus, strategic thinking and loop learning

The term ‘business model’ has received recently substantial attention from both academics and business practitioners. This study was conducted to suggest a new business model method, Business Model ZEN, which consolidates the business concept, plan and execution into a single canvas, thus restoring organic links among these phases. We suggest design disciplines and overall framework and present how to create Business Model ZEN canvas and show real business modeling cases using it. Furthermore, we suggest how to diagnose systematically each business model. Business Model ZEN provides a single logical framework where a business is systematically modeled and proactively managed, from idea to design and execution. Many workshops and business coaching were successfully implemented with this frameworks already and it is regarded as a good companion to mindset and toolset for making business innovation happen. This framework’s goal is to assist people doing things right with right things. People can achieve this goal with multi-dimensional relation-driven approach of this framework compared to process driven ones of others.


Yongho Choa & Jinho Choi , Korea

This study was found outstanding because of its unique contribution to business model development and providing an effective synthesis of the relevant literature.

Outstanding Papers series

Comparative Analysis of 2D&3D Facial Expression Recognition Using Active Appearance Model

This study was conducted to experimentally identify a better method of facial expression recognition using the AAM(Active Appearance Model), a two-dimensional image-based method and three-dimensional depth information method. Experiments were performed by comparing facial feature points for happy facial expressions and neutral facial expressions, and analyzed the 5000 sets of 2D and 3D facial feature point data of university student subjects. As a result of the analysis, it is confirmed that the same facial feature vector change is more clearly distinguished when using the 2D image based method than the 3D depth information based method. It is confirmed that this phenomenon is caused by the fundamental problem of structured light type RGB-D camera which causes error up to 15mm at 1m depth. Consequently, the 3D method can be advantageous when facial expression recognition through AAM is frequent in the depth direction or facial pose variation is large, but 2D method has excellent performance for accurate facial recognition in a static situation Respectively.

by Lee, K, Jang, U & Lee, E. C.

 This paper was found outstanding because of its significant contribution to artificial intelligence especially in the area of forensic science.

Outstanding Papers series

Effects of Work Life Balance Policies on Women’s Career

This paper explores the relationship between work-life balance policies and three indicators of women’s career; job tenure, turnover rates, and new graduate retention rates. Cross-sectional analysis shows that firms with WLB policies, such as the full amount of maternity pay, are positively associated with female employee job tenure. Additionally, panel data analysis shows that the practices of family-care leave, family-care benefit, and flextime system, have an effect on the turnover rate of female employees. Moreover, the full amount of maternity pay has an effect on the retention rate of new women graduates. Finally, a first difference analysis also finds a positive relationship between the maternity pay system and job tenure for women. Despite partial support of our hypothesis, our results suggest that WLB policies, such as the full amount of maternity pay, family-care leave, family-care benefit, and flextime system, could produce positive outcomes for women’s careers.

by Takeuchi, M.

This paper was found outstanding because of its significant contribution to a hotly debated area in most parts of the world.

Outstanding Papers series

The influence of Savoring and creative self-efficacy toward individual creativity – A case study of the design departments in Taiwan

This study proposes a research model basing on broaden-and-build theory to investigate the mediated effects of creative self-efficacy between savoring and individual creativity. There are 326 valid survey samples from Department of digital media and Department of Virtual Community in University of Science and Technology. The PLS method is adopted to evaluate this proposed model. The research results provide: (1) Savoring has the positive effect on creative self-efficacy; (2) Creative self-efficacy has the positive effect on individual creativity; (3) Savoring has the effect on individual creativity through the full mediated effect of creative self-efficacy. Accordingly, this study proposes some discussions and recommendations.

Chang, S. H.,   Lin, D. M.,  Lin, Y.H.,  Wang, C. ,  Lin, J.

 This paper was found outstanding because of its significant contribution to business innovation and a successful demonstration of the PLS use in this particular area. 

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