Dear colleagues,

It is a privilege to host our conference that celebrates research across a broad spectrum of topics and interests. This event is organized in the spirit of connectedness, as 2017 is an imperative time for international scholars to reengage in shared dialogues towards implementing world-leading research and generate world-changing impact.

Your participation in this conference indicates your interest in implementing sciences and emerging methods as a means to facilitate initiatives in many community and business endeavors. The world is quickly transforming with new technologies, and this digital age should ensure that everybody is connected across many countries and cultural backgrounds. Research has taken a new role as it is now seen as necessary for innovation, communication and interpretation in the 21st century.

During this conference, I hope you will acquire a better understanding of the role your research has, not only within your field, but in society at large. I also wish to share awareness of what other professionals are accomplishing in their own fields of study. By listening to the speakers chosen for this event, we hope to equip you with successful practices and guidelines that will assist you in your research areas.

I anticipate that this unique international conference will provide our participants with a truly transformative experience through knowledge sharing and collaboration, so that the complex problems in our society can be solved. On behalf of ATERA, I thank you for your participation in this conference and wish you a pleasant stay in Osaka, Japan.







Miho Hirata
Association of Teachers and Researchers in Asia

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