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Suggested format of the abstract

  • Objective (1 sentence)
  • Research process (1 sentence)
  • 2 most important findings (2 ~ 5 sentences)
  • Conclusion (1 sentence)
  • Example: This study was conducted to close the literature gap and promote cross-cultural understandings among social media users (OBJECTIVE). A content analysis was conducted on 4,000 tweets posted by 200 college students in Japan and the USA (METHOD). The results showed that Japanese college students post more self-related messages and ask fewer questions compared to American college students. It was also found that tweets that refer to TV are more common in Japan, whereas sports and news tweets stand out in the USA (FINDINGS). The evidence from this study suggests that there is a subtle and complicated relationship between culture and Twitter use (CONCLUSION).

PS: If your paper or poster gets accepted, it is optional to submit the extended summary or the full paper afterwards. ATERA strongly recommends that you submit either one to share your research in detail with the global academic community.

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