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Academic Motivation Scale (Vallerand, 1992)
Achievement Anxiety Test (Alpert, 1960)
Attachment to Possessions Survey (Ball, 1992)
Attitudes toward Debt Survey (Lea, 1995)
Attitudes toward Leisure Survey (Unger, 1983)
Attitudes toward Women Scale (Spencer, 1978)
Behavioural Intention, TPB, TORA Scale (Ajzen, 2002)
BIS BAS Behavioral Inhibition and Behavioral Activation Survey (Carver, 1994)
Brand Equity Scale (Yoo, 2001)
Brand Personality Scale (Aaker, 1997)
Brand Trust, Personality and Associations Scales
CEFL The Common European Framework for Languages
Charitable Giving Survey (Webb, 2000)
Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (Pennebaker, 1988)
Cognitive Failures Survey (Broadbent, 1982)
Collective Self-esteem Scale (Luhtanen, 1992)
Consumer Innovativeness Scale (Goldsmith, 1991)
Cultural Orientations Survey (Sharma, 2010)
Daily Spirituality Survey (Underwood, 2002)
Emotional Experiences Survey (Buck, 2004) SAFECOM – CASC
Ethnocentrism E-Scale (Adorno, 1950)
Frugality Survey (Lastovicka, 1999)
Health Locus of Control Scale (Walston, 1978)
Hedonic and Utilitarian Dimensions of Attitude Scale (Voss, 2003)
Individualism and Collectivism Scale (Markus, 1991)
Internet Addiction Survey – IAT (Young, 1998)
Interpersonal Trust Survey (Rempel, 1985)
Involvement Scale (Zaichkowsky, 1994)
Liebowitz Social Anxiety Survey
List of Values Survey (Kahle, 1983)
Market Mix Modelling Questionnaire (Yoo, 2000)
Materialism Scale (Richins, 1992)
MLQ Multifactor Leadership Survey (Bass, 1995)
MMPI-II Survey The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2
Need for Cognition Scale (Cacioppo et al., 1984)
Need for Emotions (Raman et al., 1995)
Need for Uniqueness Scale (Tian, 2001)
NEP Scale New Ecological Paradigm (Dunlap, 2000)
Nostalgia Survey (Holbrook, 1993)
Perceived Social Support Survey (Dahlem, 1988)
Personal Attribute Survey (Spence, 1974)
PERVAL Perceived Value Scale (Sweeney, 2001)
Polychronic Attitude Survey PAI (Kaufman, 1991)
Procrastination Survey (Lay, 1986)
Quality of Life Scale / Satisfaction with Life (Diener, 1985)
Regulatory Focus Survey RFQ (Higgins, 2001)
Satisfaction with Life Survey (Diener, 1985)
Self Brand Connection Scale (Escalas, 2005)
Sensation Seeking Scale (Hoyle et al., 2002)
Sense of Coherence Scale (Antonovski, 1993)
SERVPERF Service Performance Scale (Cronin, 1994)
SERVQUAL Service Quality Scale (Parasuraman, 1988)
Social Capital Measures (Krishna, 1999)
Social Capital Questionnaire (Onyx, 2000)
Social Distance Scale (Bogardus, 1933)
Social Identity Survey
Socially Responsible Consumption Survey SRCB (Antil, 1984)
Source Credibility Scale (Ohanian, 1990)
State Anxiety Survey SAI STAI STAI-AD (Spielberger, 1994)
State Self Esteem / Current Thoughts Survey (Heatherton, 1991)
The Body Esteem Survey (Franzoi, 1984)
The Positive and Negative Affective Schedule (PANAS) Scale (Watson, 1988)
UCLA Loneliness Survey (Russel, 1996)
UCLA Loneliness Survey (Russel, 1996)
VALS Values and Lifestyles Survey (SBI)
Values Survey (Rokeach, 1973)
VASQ Vulnerable Attachment Style Questionnaire (Bifulco, 2013)
YFAS Yale Food Addiction Survey (Gearhardt, 2009)

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